Enjoy these pre-recorded Kirtans that Allison offered once she started to get a handle on how to lead kirtan online.

At the beginning of 2020 Allison started offering weekly kirtans by donation online. Mind you, Allison is a GenXer. She led these kirtans as she was learning how to navigate a total tech world. The first few months, the sound was awful, but people kept coming just for the community, and so she figured out how to optimize the audio recording to keep the harmonium from distorting the sound when streaming on zoom.

Allison is grateful for the technology that has enabled these recordings and is still trying to come into good relation with the almighty machine :) The quality may not be the very best, but she is super proud of all the work it took, and the sense of community created digitally but simultaneously heart-feltedly.

Allison is beyond grateful to the patient people who helped her get a handle on the reality of tech; especially Amy Apollo Cooper, Kenny Thompson, Amanda Shive, Paula Crossfield, and her parents, Judy and George.

Includes several pre-recorded kirtans for you to watch. Allison may add new videos here as she builds her Kirtan catalog.