Monthly Satsang: 2022

Live + Recorded

Nakshatra Class Focused on the Upcoming Full & New Moon + Astro Update

Spring Satsangs:

Sunday, April 3, 9am MT

Sunday, May 15, 9am MT

Sunday, June 12, 9am MT

Summer Satsangs: 1st Sundays

Sunday, July 3, 9am MT

Sunday, August 7, 9am MT

Sunday, September 4, 9am MT


9:00-10:00am MT - We'll focus on the nakṣatra mythology for the moons' upcoming new and full position. Allison will offer inspiration and suggestions for monthly practices and contemplations.

10:00-11:00am MT - An update about upcoming astrological events by transit, hear sweet stories, and be shared a lovingly curated Spotify playlist for new and full moon meditations.

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