Tamil Nadu, South India Temple Tour

10 Day Elemental Temple Tour

& Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology

November 28 - December 7, 2023

Get ready for a gritty, heart-opening, and life-altering adventure!

“This trip to South India temples moved my spirit, grew my heart, and expanded everything I once knew about devotion, about God, and about the reverence of being alive. If you want to grow your heart, steep yourself in the beauty that is lived devotion, take your most prized adventure yet, and try eating with your hands for two weeks, go to India with Allison! And let your life, and the song of your heart, be taken up a notch.” – Katie Breen

What this Tour is About:

Experience the 5 Elemental Temples of South India and visit a small village for a Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology Reading. This will be Allison's 4th time leading a Temple Tour in South India and she has worked closely with K. Sridhar and his wife Camilla who have led tours in India for decades. They have coached her well and she is grateful to them for their support, encouragement, and love.

The 5 elements are the building blocks of our material world; earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The way they mix, and our ability to interact with them well, determines our experience of reality on both gross and subtle levels.

By taking a pilgrimage to these temples, we are working subtly with Reality in an effort to understand our current situation and to engage with Reality optimally. Allison will give short teachings on the elements at each of the temples we visit. Some of these temples are over a thousand years old and have been conducting the same daily rituals for over a millenia. The energetic quality of each temple is palpable and healing in and of itself, but we will do a group puja at each temple which will give your prayers and mantras a way to be ritualized and heard.

What is Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology?

Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology is a very mysterious branch of Jyotish. In Allison's experience (and that of her teachers) the Nadi Readings can be eerily accurate in seeing the past but they have varied results in their ability to accurately predict the future. We must approach these readings with an open mind and a "we shall see" attitude. 

Millenia ago, sages meditated and received information about beings that had yet to be born but would be seeking Indian wisdom and guidance in the future. These sages recorded what they heard by writing it on palm leafs. Included on these scrolls is information about our past life, this life, and the future. 


  • 2-3 vegetarian meals a day
  • light snacks throughout the day
  • clean water
  • fresh fruit juices
  • the best coffee in the world
  • accommodations 
  • land travel by van, bus, and tuk tuk
  • an experienced personal driver
  • a group puja (ritual) at each elemental temple
  • qualified local temple guides at each temple
  • a nadi astrology reading with a competent translator
  • Allison as your personal concierge every step of the way, helping you get prepared and organized for the trip, as well as helping you understand and adopt the cultural norms in India. 

 Planning ahead and other details:

  • Contact Allison here to introduce yourself and ask questions. She has several documents to share about what to expect, how to plan, and what to bring that she will send in March after you've registered.
  • The closest airport is Chennai, Tamil Nadu, airport code MAA. You will need a passport and an Indian Visa.
  • 9 person minimum and 21 person maximum 
  • There are no guarantees for a solo room or for air conditioning. It's fair to assume that some of the time you will be in a shared room, though every effort will be made to give everyone a solo a/c room with a private bathroom as often as is possible. Depending on availability, you might have a solo room each night.
  • This is not a resort style tour, it is a devotional immersion inside of the culture that birthed Yoga, Vedanta, and Buddhism. We will be visiting very old villages and respectfully experiencing and participating in their devotional practices.
  • This tour is alcohol and meat free. If you are gluten sensitive you should have no problem in India as many of the breads are made from lentils and grains other than wheat, and rice is plentiful. If you are dairy free we can also accommodate.
  • There is a possibility that one or more of Allison's teachers will join us (!!) which will undoubtedly enhance the experience for all.

Covid and other vaccinations:

  • Covid 19 vaccination is not required
  • Here is info regarding India and immunization

Indian Visa and Passport:

  • Apply for your Indian Visa here 
  • If you have a 10 year visa from before covid, it is still valid
  • Travel Docs can handle and expedite the Visa process here 
  • Make certain your passport is up to date and not within six months of expiration

Travel Insurance:

  • World Nomads is a reputable Travel Insurance Agency and it is strongly encouraged verging on mandatory that you purchase trip insurance. There are no refunds from Heart of Yoga School after October 1, 2023.

Total Cost:

  • $3800 - paid in full
  • $1000 - 4 month payment plan - available through July

Non refundable deposit and refunds in the event of cancellation:

  • $560 of your first payment is a non-refundable deposit.
  • Refunds notwithstanding the $560 are available up until September 1
  • No refunds after September 1 unless there is a waitlist and someone takes your spot

Allison’s yoga journey began after a back injury as a performer in the off-broadway show De La Guarda. Unable to move around at a young age, she took to the philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras for comfort and perspective. Recovery took several years, and allowed for her eventual asana practice to be rooted in and emphasized by India’s wisdom systems. 

A student since 2001, and a graduate of The Body Therapy Institute, Allison completed well over 1000 hours of formalized yoga teacher trainings (Sivananda, Jivamukti, Krishnamacharya) before opening Heart of Yoga School in Carrboro, NC in 2010. She has a BFA in Musical Theater from East Carolina University.   

Allison designed an 800 hour Yoga Teacher Training program dedicated to the foundational texts of yoga. It was affectionately known as the teacher training to do if you "want the philosophy". Allison's trainings offered textual study, introduction to the language of Sanskrit, harmonium instruction, chanting, and the development of a daily prescriptive sadhana.    

As an event organizer, she focused on bringing people together at Heart of Yoga School to enjoy her favorite teachers and artists; K. Sridhar, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Sharon Gannon, Edwin Bryant, Prem Sadasivananda, and more. There was also a weekly kirtan for many years. Check out her three kirtan albums here on Spotify. Her original music can be found here.

Allison chose a mostly nomadic lifestyle back in 2016, and has travelled nationally and internationally as a solo woman and with groups. She's led tours and retreats in India and Bali, which has allowed her students to experience first hand how these ancient philosophies and practices can be infused into our daily life. In recent years she's presented with the Telluride Yoga Festival, Grand Valley Yoga Fest, and the Stroud Sacred Music Festival in UK. 

Allison closed her brick and mortar School in 2018 so that she could travel as a teacher, meet the wider community, and simultaneously focus her attention on being a dedicated student of Jyotish, Tantra, and Indian music. She now offers these Vedic teachings on an online platform which allows for the cultivation of community, healing, and mentorship to a broader student population. You can check out her Vedic online courses here.    

From 2020 until the summer of 2022 Allison worked diligently at recording and compiling a variety of Vedic teachings into an online library of courses on subjects like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Jyotish, Nakshatra Mythology, Sanskrit, Indian Music, Yoga, Bhakti, The Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam, and more. These courses will now be offered as additional support for her upcoming containers, and will live evergreen for the students who attended live. 

Now Allison is excited and eager to use her 20+ year experience with Vedic wisdoms to work in dedicated ways with sincere spiritual practitioners. Allison's signature courses Voice of the Heart and An Ocean of Sound are the best way to get the most out of working with Allison both individually and in a group, however she does offer limited number of private sessions, sign up for the newsletter to hear more. Her ongoing astrology update Follow the Moon is a great way to stay connected as well. Visit the Heart of Yoga School course menu here.