The Ramayana:

Stories, Songs, and Basic Philosophy

About the Event

Join Allison Dennis for a mythological immersion into the timeless epic tale of love, loss, and reconnection, The Ramayana. This is a story about separation, and the trials and tribulations we experience as we move back towards center seeking wholeness. It’s a magical myth of friendship, camaraderie, and the enduring quality of love that always prevails in the end. 

The Ramayana offers inspiration around how to rally behind the principles of unconditional love, humility, and heroism in our efforts to be relative to the world around us, as well as how to be relative to our own inner landscapes. These stories are medicine that activate our sense of wonder, and have infused within them remedies for the feelings of isolation we so often latch onto in the modern world. Allison sprinkles in kirtan chants throughout, adding music and mantra to elevate the experience.

Includes 13 hours of material! Watch the videos at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access to the videos.

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