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  Follow the Moon: Monthly Class 2023
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  Follow the Moon
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  Astrology Reference Guides Sheets: *updated July 2023*
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Sky Pattern Updates

Stay Connected to the Astrological Themes each Month

Daily Updates + Monthly 90 minute Class + 9 hour pre-recorded Nakshatra Deities course


This will be Allison's 5th year of offering Follow the Moon!

Follow the Moon Includes:

  • Daily WhatsApp updates on the position of the moon + info about other current planetary happenings
  • Community engagement on current sky patterns
  • Monthly class about the upcoming Full and New Moon - live attendance + video archive
  • Monthly Astrological current events class with live attendance + video archive
  • Astrological reference materials on Houses, Planets, Constellations, and Nakshatras
  • A daily meditation song
  • A 9 hour course on Nakshatra deities

What's the daily WhatsApp thread?

Once you opt-in to the the WhatsApp thread by emailing Allison at [email protected] or texting her directly on WhatsApp, you'll receive a daily text message relaying the position of the moon, some practical advice, and a raga, or song, associated with the position of the moon by way of nakshatra.

The message and music sent is chosen based on the astrology of the day, and can be utilized to inspire a daily meditation practice.

Monthly Class:

A 60 minute nakṣatra mythology class with information about the constellation where the moon is located for the upcoming new and full moon.

We'll discuss the deity associated with each star, and co-create inspiring ways to approach a steady practice for the month ahead.

A 60 minute Astrology Update class follows, wherein you'll receive info about timing of upcoming astrological transits. Astrology heads will LOVE this class.

And, receive a curated Meditative playlist for each New and Full Moon based on the star where the moon is residing.

LIVE Classes:

Exact date and time of for our monthly class will be announced seasonally. It's usually on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am EST.


What I appreciate most is the community of people sharing their experiences with the astrology, the invitation to subtly observe the lunar rhythm, and the music that is so beautiful and offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the moon's nakshatra or place. - Lauren T

I love the way this satsang invites us to notice the subtle flavor the moon gives our days. I have also appreciated the community's sharing of experience. When struggling through uncertain times, it is reassuring to feel I'm part of a greater whole. - Eveline A.

For me, I enjoy how following the cycles of the moon takes me out of my little stories that keep me stuck. Knowing we too are like the moon and interconnected with all of life's cycles... it's been an uplifting journey thus far. I love learning about the deities that rule each nakshatra and the stories that go along with them. - Mary V

It's hard to be succinct about how amazing Follow the Moon has been for me, but it's now a fundamental aspect of my practice and my world view (inner and outer). I've done almost all of them the past year, and with each cycle I feel a deepening of my understanding. Very grateful for all the work and wisdom Allison Dennis continues to do. - Katie V

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