Lunar Nakșatras, Rāgas, & Sky Patterns

Stay connected to the astrological themes that unfold each month

Allison has been offering Follow the Moon since 2019, plugging you into the ongoing lunar patterns unfolding each day as the sun rises and falls.

How will Follow the Moon benefit your life?:

  • Develop familiarity with the waxing and waning of the moon, and how that could have an effect on your day to day life.
  • Learn more about the meanings of the nakshatras (constellations) and the songs that accompany each star.
  • Learn some vocabulary for different patterns that astrologers talk about; retrograde, combust, eclipses, kal sarpa, etc.
  • Stay connected and up to date on the current astrological patterns so you know when to lay low and when to push forward.

Follow the Moon Includes:

  • Daily update on the nakshatra position of the moon
  • A daily rāga song based on the lunar nakshatra each day
  • 1st Sunday live class about the upcoming Full and New Moon + video archive - 1 hr
  • 1st Sunday live class discussing astrological current events + video archive - 1 hr
  • Astrological reference materials on Houses, Planets, Constellations, and Nakshatras

What's the daily WhatsApp thread?
Once you opt-in to the the WhatsApp thread by emailing Allison at [email protected] or texting her directly on WhatsApp, you'll receive a daily text message relaying the position of the moon, some practical advice, and a raga, or song, associated with the position of the moon by way of nakshatra.

The message and music sent is chosen based on the astrology of the day, and can be utilized to inspire a daily meditation practice.

LIVE Monthly Class:

Exact date and time for our monthly class will be announced seasonally. It's usually on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am EST.

A 60ish minute nakṣatra mythology class with information about the constellation where the moon will be for the upcoming new and full moon.

We'll discuss the deity associated with each star, and co-create inspiring ways to approach a steady practice for the month ahead.

After a short break a 45 minute Astrology Update class follows, where you'll receive timing and info about upcoming astrological transits.

More about Allison HERE.