A monthly subscription that tracks the movement of the planets through the sidereal zodiac by using ancient Indian wisdom as a tool for personal awareness, healing, and transformation.

Follow the Moon is a wonderful accompanying tool for students, practitioners, and those with genuine curiosity about Jyotish. Along the way you'll become familiar with the language of Jyotish, especially around the nakshatras, or lunar constellations.

You can book a private astrology session with Allison here, and if you happen to be interested in studying Jyotish in earnest I highly recommend studying with my teacher, Steven Highburger.


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Weekly Astrology Satsang

Using ancient astrological wisdom as a guide, we will explore the themes forming in the sky and how they may be presenting in our daily lives. Each class will focus on the present configurations, occasionally using students’ individual charts, anonymously if preferred, as context for the discussions. There will also be room for students to ask questions about their personal configurations and you will learn how to read the map of your chart. Visit here for details and timing. This class is included in your Follow the Moon subscription. More info here.

Curated Spotify Playlists, relayed from my teacher, K. Sridhar

Indian music, the math of emotion, aligns the subtle body by way of listening well. The connection between the star where the moon is and the associated song can bring us back to center. Back to authentic beingness. Back towards dharma or purpose. The playlist will be shared every New and Full Moon in our WhatsApp thread.

Full Moon and New Moon Circles

Plug into lunar feminine cycles. We will discuss the current moon cycle with suggestions around how to optimize the potential of the Moon’s position and guard against potential potholes and blindspots. We will talk about the astrological configuration of the day with emphasis on the nakṣatra or star where the moon is located, the deity and mythology of the star, and the song or rāga attached to the star. Each star is associated with a Vedic story that refers to our own evolutionary process. The stories are a unique medicine, with practical remedial inspiration for us to discover. More info here.

Mid-week quick video, and daily nakshatra text thread

Sent via WhatsApp. Developing a personal practice based on the stars allows you to become more in tune and aware of the cycles and rhythms of life, being prepared for the challenging times, and being receptive of the good to come, ultimately making you feel more centered and connected to the present moment. 

Access to Reference Materials 

Astrology terminology guide sheets and the Astrology Fundamentals course videos are both available to you in the Teachable portal with your Follow the Moon subscription.

Seasonally Updated Sidereal Zodiac Calendar

Includes dates and timing for planetary transits, yudhs, combustions, conjunctions, and New and Full Moons. It lives here for all to enjoy.

Astrology Fundamentals

For the duration of your subscription you'll have access to the pre-recorded 6-hour Astrology Fundamentals course explaining the meaning of the planets, houses and constellations. More info here.


It's hard to be succinct about how amazing Follow the Moon has been for me, but it's now a fundamental aspect of my practice and my world view (inner and outer). I've done almost all of them the past year, and with each cycle I feel a deepening of my understanding. Very grateful for all the work and wisdom Allison Dennis continues to do. - Katie V

I originally signed up in order to get the free Astro Fundamentals course. It's a year later and I continue to sign up for FTM each month! Being a Vedic nerd I love the content, especially the mythology! On a practical level understanding the transits has been invaluable to me both in terms of conceptualizing cycles and very specific and practical life planning. - Rene L

There is something here for everyone, even if you don't think you have a particular interest in Vedic astrology. There is mythology, Sanskrit, and just so much wisdom about how to navigate life's cycles. So grateful for Allison's knowledge and insight! - Christine ER

Allison Dennis holds a BFA in Musical Theatre with a Minor in Music from ECU where she studied Sanford Meisner's acting technique. She sang in jazz, funk, and folk bands, recorded and performed as a singer-songwriter, and performed supporting and leading roles in a variety of plays and musicals. 

In NYC at the turn of the millenium, she acted and sang in Off Broadway shows, and ultimately flew in the wildly popular Argentine circus De La Guarda. A back injury during a show brought her to yoga in 2001. 

A herniated disc with nerve impingement made movement quite painful for the first three years of the injury, so her entry point to yoga was the philosophy of India, not the poses. She concentrated on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras for a decade while becoming a yoga asana teacher as therapy for her own physical pain. Once mobility returned, Allison was finally permitted by her physical therapist to take on an asana practice. Within months she had signed up for her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2005.

From 2010-2018 Allison owned and operated Heart of Yoga School out of Carrboro, NC where she designed and taught three distinct yoga teacher trainings, culminating in a full 800 hour YTT program. She led nineteen long-term trainings while managing the School, guiding curious seekers to become teachers and home practitioners. 

She also spends 2-3 months a year in India, deepening her understanding of the culture and wisdom systems.

Visit www.allisondennis.com for more info and to learn about her tours and retreats in India and Indonesia.

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