The Hanuman Chalisa:

40 verses in 40 days

Om Sri Hanumate namaha!

This winter we learned a version of the Hanuman Chalisa and we loved doing it so much that we're doing it again in the spring. We'll use the same lyrics, but a different melody, as there are many many different melodic versions of Hanuman Chalisa.

Beginning March 8, Allison will send a daily 3-5 minute video for 40 days with the lyrics, meaning, and melody of each of the 40 verses in the Hanuman Chalisa.

Videos will arrive daily on WhatsApp, and over time will be compiled here on Teachable.

There will be a Hanuman Chalisa kirtan on our 40th day, April 16, which is Hanuman Jayanti, his birthday!

The Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional song invoking the spirit and boundless energy of Hanuman, the heroic humble servant of the Ramayana.

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