Planetary Myths

and the Avatars of Vishnu

with Allison Dennis

Want to better understand the meaning of the planets through the lens of mythology? Did you know that the Avatars of Vishnu line up with the Planets?

Join Allison for this storytelling event focusing on Vishnu, the Indian God of continuation and harmony, and how the nine Avatars of Vishnu relate to each of the nine grahas or planets. Stories will be primarily pulled from the epic purana, Srimad Bhagavatam.

"Graha" is a Sanskrit word that means "to grasp". A planet, in Sanskrit, is a graha, or a grasper.

The idea is that these grahas have a particular grasp on us, and through the stories or myths we can better understand ourselves, our environment, and carve out pathways of intention to help loosen the tight grip we might feel in one area of life or another.

Also, the stories are super fun!

More info about Allison HERE.