Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras

A Meditation and Study Container

Schedule TBA: May - August


  • Encouragement and inspiration to adopt a daily meditation practice for the duration of the container, May - August
  • 36 hours of pre-recorded lectures
  • suggested schedule for reading the text and watching the videos from May - August, 2023
  • reference materials and a transliterated work sheet for you to study the vocabulary along the way
  • 4 live meditation and Q&A classes with Allison
  • lifetime access to the videos
  • WhatsApp thread and direct access to Allison for the duration of the course for your Patanjali related questions

If you took this course live in 2021-2022, you can join the monthly meditation class and ongoing satsang at a discounted rate. See below.

Live Classes:

Live Meetings will include Patanjali meditation practices and techniques, Q&A, and Satsang about the general themes from each chapter. If possible, watch all videos for the chapter we're focusing on in class before we meet, each chapter has about 9 hours of video material for you to review and you have lifetime access to the videos, so don't worry if you don't finish the videos in time for class. Live Classes will last 1-2 hours depending on student participation. If you choose to read the text, I suggest Edwin Bryant's translation, and as above, you can read the chapter before we meet to practice and discuss the general themes.

About the Yoga Sutras

Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras are a brilliant avenue of study for those in the midst of conscious evolution. It’s a platform of inquiry and self-study for those who practice meditation, yoga, or psychology and want more language for the constructs of the mind from the Vedic perspective. 

It’s less a philosophy and more a method for understanding reality as a dualistic interaction between nature and consciousness—a manual for calming the mind by way of dancing the edge between effort and relaxation. It’s also known as Rāja Yoga, or the “royal path” because one becomes, through the purificatory practices suggested in the text, the sovereign, not the slave, of their own mind. This is the path of meditation.

About the Course

Allison shares the teachings traditionally and cleanly from the Sanskrit text while simultaneously referring to our shared sense of modern reality. This course aims to be of genuine support as you transform and evolve to become more content, more peaceful, and more connected to your reality. Lifetime access to over 36 hours of teachings.

Course Outline: pre-recorded material

Chapter 1: Samādhi Pāda

  • Definition of yoga
  • Vṛttis
  • Abhyāsa and vairāgya
  • Īśvara
  • Calming the mind
  • Samādhi

Chapter 2: Sādhana Pāda

  • Kriyā Yoga
  • Kleśas
  • Karma
  • Suffering
  • Aṣṭāṅga Yoga

Chapter 3: Vibhuti Pāda

  • Review Ch 1 & 2
  • Inner limbs
  • Samyama
  • Siddhi’s
  • Saṁskāras and Dharmin

Chapter 4: Kaivalya Pāda

  • Karma and Saṁskāras
  • Time and Guṇas
  • Distinctions between Yoga and Buddhism
  • Ultimate Freedom

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  Chapter 3: Vibhuti Pāda Video Library
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Repeat Students can join the Live Classes and ongoing Meditation conversation from May - August

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